I should have shared this website with you all a long, long time ago. It is freaking hilarious and I relate to SO many of the posts. It is a tumblr “blog” that basically pokes fun/draws attention to the ridiculous realities of life as a Peace Corps volunteer. You can find the entire website here, but let me highlight a few posts that I particularly relate to. 

  • Showering. Unless I drag my butt to the Hmmam, showering is very, very difficult in the winter months because it is just too frigid.
  • Food. PCV’s love food and we especially love it if it is free. This one really cracks me up because it is so accurate!  
  • Manners. My sister, Monika, can attest to this. I will have some re-learning to do once back stateside. 
  • The future. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but eating is certainly at the top of my list. 
  • The bathroom. I went toilet paper-less all of summer and fall, but now that it’s winter, I can’t wipe my butt with freezing water.
  • Socialization. PCVs can put on bangin’ parties, but they oftentimes require money for travel in order to get to such parties. I’ve missed out on a bunch lately. Whomp. 
  • Unwanted guests. These days, I’m a hermit and prefer to hide away in my house. 
  • Working out. I’ve tried. It’s too uncomfortable in my site. I’m too cold. It’s too hot. I don’t want to. 
  • More food. I love to eat. More now than ever before. 
  • Constant confusion. 22 months into my 26 months in Morocco and I still have no idea. 
  • Free time. We PCVs have plenty of free time. 
  • My current reality. I need a lot of help, friends🙂

This website gets plenty of criticism from people claiming it is too negative, but again, I find it hilarious. I do believe the work all PCVs do around the world is valuable and awesome, however, living in developing countries and working for the Peace Corps really has its moments. It’s been such an adventure.

Be well. 


  1. I enjoy your posts. I hope you come back t WCU for a conversation about your experience ! I thought the site was super ! Thanks for your service! Rick.

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    1. nicolecronin · · Reply

      Dr. Voss, thanks for following the adventure! I’ll be back in May– in Philly. Lets plan something for the fall semester at WCU, I’d love to come for some talks about Peace Corps, Arab culture, Islam, service, etc.🙂

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