The past few weeks have been so full of neighborly and cultural activities, both new and old, sad and exciting. Morocco is so incredibly culturally rich and I always feel so thankful when my community includes me in their oftentimes sacred events. Unfortunately my tiny little street lost two of our neighbors within a week […]

The past week has been such an emotional and physical roller coaster! My entire training group and I (originally 110, now 85 or so) spent the week in the capitol city of Rabat; the days involved close-of-service trainings and seminars and our nights consisted of eating and partying together for the last time. Some of […]

I’m staying in Morocco. EEK! I’M STAYING IN MOROCCO. You may be wondering, well, “What will she do?” “Where will she live?” “How will she make money?” “What about health insurance?” Well wonder away, folks, because I still have no idea what the answers are to most of those questions. Mohamed and I have plans […]

I am notoriously indecisive and spontaneous. My mind changes like the direction of the wind and I have a hard time committing to anything. This happened with choosing a college, a graduate school, committing to the Peace Corps, staying in the Peace Corps, and now… deciding what to do next. Up until about 5 days […]

One of the hardest parts about saying goodbye to loved ones is saying goodbye to children. When I moved to Hawaii from Philly I left my newborn nephew and my two angel babies that I nannyed for for over 2 years. When I left Hawaii to go back to Philly I had to say goodbye […]

One of the biggest parts of any Peace Corps Volunteers service is their relationships with other volunteers. We rely on each other for support, encouragement, help with projects, and understanding amongst many other things. My personal experience with volunteer on volunteer relationships has been both incredibly rewarding and heartbreaking. I have gained lifelong friends who […]

I am really enjoying getting to know my mudira (boss) better and better each day. When I first began working with the preschoolers back in October, she was never around. She has been coming to the Womens Center almost every day since I have been back and we have really been having a lot of […]

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